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Jeppopo covered the Zilliqa team in detail, but I'd like to add on to his views.

Looking at Zilliqa's Team, they seem to be extremely technically strong, with over 50 that focuses on maturing the industry and evolving their scalability as well as sustainability of the blockchain technology. With the various teams broken down into 6 different arms, it looks like the team is heavily based on Ecosystem and Tech. However, I believe that a technically strong project can only be as successful as their marketing and community outreach. EVM Compatibility being launched would be the perfect time for them to promote heavily and bring developers and projects into their community again.

The team already has a working and successful product, and I actually used their product when performing transactions back in 2021 due to the extremely low costs compared to other projects around the time.

I believe that with the current market in 2023, it would be a good time for Zilliqa to bolster their marketing and communications team, to bring significance back into the project again, as they attempt to regain market share and potentially go back to being a $4b market cap again. Show Less

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