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I express reservations and hesitation regarding volatile projects and award the tokenomics of this project 2 points. It's understandable to prioritize stable and less volatile assets when considering investment options, as high volatility can pose risks and challenges for some investors.

The tokenomics of the $BAT token, associated with the Brave Browser, reveal several important points about its performance and historical value. Currently ranked at #81 in market capitalization, the token holds a value of $0.29, with its peak price reaching $1.66 and an impressive market capitalization of $2.48 billion during its peak.

During its ICO in 2017, the project managed to raise a significant amount of $35 million in less than a minute, indicating a high level of investor interest and support. The $BAT token is actively traded on major exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, among others. Notable funds such as Digital Currency Group and Pantera have invested in the project, adding to its credibility and appeal.

It's important to note that there are 1.5 trillion tokens in circulation, representing 100% of the total token supply. Such a high circulating supply may have contributed to the observed solid pumps and dumps in the value chart of $BAT. This token's historical price movements have shown significant volatility, which may not align with the investment preferences of all investors.

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