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The mechanics behind BAT is clunky. It works, in general, but it could be more streamlined. Show More


The Brave Browser's activity on social media platforms is perceived to be lacking. There is room for improvement in terms of community engagement, content creation, and posting frequency. Show More

BAT token powers BRAVE browser economy. Brave browser is a free and faster web browser that actively blocks ads, mal-advertisements and trackers. Show More


The BAT community is decent and there appears to be an upward trajectory. This is positive for the project, but not overwhelmingly so. Show More


I have been using Brave for a while and do enjoy it`s ethos. Attention is new gold, not just data, and BAT is doing just that, rewarding users for their attention. Show More


I express reservations and hesitation regarding volatile projects and award the tokenomics of this project 2 points. Show More


As a satisfied user of this product, you find Brave to be the best internet browser, cementing its position as a leading browser choice for you. Show More

I started using the Brave Browser before The Plague. I liked its privacy features and simplicity at the time as a Firefox alternative with a built in wallet (MetaMask extensions were so unreliable then), with the bonus of ad-blocking turnt all the way up. Show More

Very old project but they did not perform very well as seeing their browser. carbon browser is doing more well and I think one of the biggest competitor of BAT could be CSIX. Show More


BAT consists of one of the stellar teams in WEB3, the accolades and calibre of the team is a testament to their ambitions, vision for decentralized browser designed to serve instead of taking advantage of end users. Show More

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