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$CRO... This bird is going to fly soon!

(Updated: Feb 24, 2023)

Full disclosure: I've been holding $CRO since mid-2020, consistently buying, and still doing DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) every month.

So, here are some reasons why I'm bullish on this token:

The first thing I look at is the current price position compared to the all-time high (ATH) and all-time low (ATL).

  • $CRO is down BIG - about 92% from its ATH ($0.96 about 14 months ago).

  • $CRO is ONLY up about 6x from its ATL ($0.012 about 4 years ago).

This beautiful gap tells me that if $CRO hits the previous ATH, it could be a 12x increase.

Although, the previous ATH is not really the target. The real target would be more in line with BNB, which could be more like a 23x or more increase.

Other important reasons to consider buying $CRO:

  • $CRO is the native token of the Cronos L1 blockchain, currently ranked #9 by TVL ($251M), and is right on the heels of Fantom and Avalanche. There is a massive and growing ecosystem on Cronos, and $CRO powers it.

  • $CRO is the main token for the exchange, the #4 largest CEX based on assets held (3.6B). also services the US market, which many CEXs do not.

  • There are multiple passive income options. You can use your $CRO to earn more $CRO. Currently, offers no lock staking all the way to 90-day locked staking with variable return rates, paid in $CRO. They also have one of the best debit rewards cards in the space, where you can get some sweet benefits based on the amount of $CRO you stake.

  • $CRO token is extremely well-exposed on the CEXs, except for Binance. Ask yourself why. Seems like somebody is scared if you ask me! still lists BNB, but not BUSD, and has limited support for BSC (BEP20), so I guess two can play that game.

  • If you want to see the power of social economics, jump on Twitter and search for $CRO, and check out the army of believers that will help raise the tide on this token.

I'll keep up my DCA buying while it's under $0.10 and then look for opportunities to buy on dips after it crosses the $0.10 price point. Show Less

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