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Layer 1 blockchains are always a potential investment area with expectations of growth ranging from hundreds to even thousands of times, as seen with Solana, Avax, and BNB Chain. Show More


$CRO... This bird is going to fly soon!

(Updated: Feb 24, 2023)

Full disclosure: I've been holding $CRO since mid-2020... Show More


Burn Baby Burn…

One of the things I like when reviewing tokenomics is a good deflationary mechanism, such as a buyback and burn or just some kind of burn, and CRO certainly checks that box. Show More


CRO community is a pretty happy crowd.

I would give the community 4 stars for its smooth and well-run operation. Show More


A stronger-than-expected community! Even for a CEX...

I give the community a 5-star rating, as it boasts a strong presence across multiple platforms. Show More


A different level of marketing and partnerships!

When you look at the partnerships and marketing efforts from, it is easy to see why I think the CRO token will rise with the tide. Show More


There isn't anything particularly noteworthy about the technology features of Cronos ( that I can mention. Show More


Cronos (cro) is the utility token in the Cronos Chain, just like BNB on BSC. The Cronos Chain Built on Ethermint, which supports rapid porting of apps & smart contracts from Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains. Show More

I'm very skeptical about this project as it feels all hype and little innovation. They provide almost all the standard crypto services including a wallet, centralized exchange, credit card, loans, crypto insurance and crypto investing to earn yields on your investment, but I don't see anything new. Show More

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