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Since I first looked at Decubate a while ago I can see this project has been maturing a lot and I was really appreciative of its CEO, Elliott reaching out to our Cyrator community so I thought I would give the project an updated review. Over the last year it appears Decubate has been solidifying its status as a standout launchpad within the industry, making itself accessible to both newbies and OG investors.

The project has now established several core features which really endear me to the project. Firstly, its transparency in how they meticulously select projects for their platform which has a huge emphasis on quality over quantity. Secondly their innovative refund policy which includes a 'grace period' for 100% refund claims post-token listing which provides investors with a unique safety net that was otherwise never there before in the space. Thirdly, the way they have develop their tier system so it now offers beneficial opportunities for everyone involved in the community. And also, its endeavor to aim to try and transition spectators into active participants via its 'Learn to Earn' - which has been proven to be a very important aspect of growing and engaging crypto communities.

At the heart of its ecosystem lies the $DCB token, which facilitates a diverse range of interactions, from staking and participation in IDOs, ranking and benefits within Decubate's tier system, and influencing governance decisions. One of the current great economic aspect of its token is that 80% of the $DCB supply is currently being staked. Decubate also has regulated status in the EU not only further bolstering its own trustworthiness and reliability, but also setting an example to its dedication for legal compliance and user protection, which other projects need to be following in order to pass its rigorous project selection process.

Decubate's growing success is evident through numerous key metrics such as its cultivation of a thriving community that is now over 30k investors, achieving $2.5m+ in airdrops, and providing a peak of 4400% ROI to the platform's investors.

Overall, I think Decubate's approach to blockchain investment is setting itself apart in the industry and its token price increase of over 1000% over the last year have reflected the project’s fundamental progress it has made. With still only $35 million marketcap I believe with the trajectory that they are on Decubate still has much more to growth to offer as a company and within its $DCB token price. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Show Less

Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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