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Great platform, great solution, great collection of services and products, let`s get deeper to elaborate why this project at this time deserves 4 stars, not 5.

Idea and Story:

While I enjoy straight forward and easy to digest content on the website, i feel like their solution recallibration to make it a lot more powerful, deep and long lasting appealing to emotions of WHY this service is making difference, showcasing how they made it easier and simpler for underdogs to get into WEB 3 and letting them focus on other areas that require either more time or capital, ZK Sync is a good example to start with:

Though White paper includes some of the fragments of what i was looking for (meat and potatoes), i would surely think to include additional page to showcase the cause/ethos answering the question WHY, not just WHAT.

Business Model + White Paper:

I enjoyed reading white paper, ease of content consumption and very well described/explained business model, processes, token utilities and value for startups increased my interest in project that led me to check on their performance on CMC that eventually convinced to buy some of their tokens.


Decubate looks like a new project, number of projects seems to be growing which is a good news, product has been audited by Certic as well as Hacken, but including bounty program for be an option to consider, especially for token rewards, and in the future participation in #hackathon would make the evolving community even more vibrant.

UX/UI Web and Social Media

I have always liked and enjoyed minimalistic website that use less words to communicate bigger ideas and validate their communication with case studies, and Decubate has done a good job of doing that, though different users prefer different approach in acquiring and analyzing information, case studies, and testimonials along with reputation do the most of the talking for themselves.

Highly suggest to include both written and verbal testimonials of both: clients and partners to validate and increase credibility towards the project.

Twitter is used for updates and promotions of the project that are on launchpad, classic example of any marketplace/platforms with a identical approach, i assume there will be more and more AMA sessions interviews, online to offline events to bring and keep community both engaged and invested, afterall community is everything in WEB 3.

Medium has some good articles educating community about the trends, there are several thought leadership articles that made me think of my strategy, good stuff, lastly updates about the product.

It`s always easier said than done, and i have endless appreciation to those who grind and push despite the odds. Show Less


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