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The Dopex protocol, a decentralized options exchange founded by @tztokchad, has the goal of delivering a fair and accurate pricing system with minimal losses for liquidity providers. It aspires to bring the same success seen in Robinhood, but with the added benefits of decentralization, you probably know the of Robinhood’s lack of transparency and overly centralized structure

Dopex offers a innovative financial products for users to access and utilize:

  • Single Staking Option Vaults (SSOV) - These vaults allow users to sell calls and puts. To participate, users deposit their tokens into a vault at their desired strike price and the vault locks their tokens until the end of the epoch.
  • Farms - Users have the opportunity to earn rewards by staking their liquidity in two available farms, $DPX-WETH and $rDPX-WETH.
  • Atlantic Straddles - With Atlantic Straddles, users can bet on the volatility of a cryptocurrency. Writing the straddle means betting on low volatility, while buying it means betting on high volatility.
  • Atlantic Insured Perpetuals - A high-leveraged perpetual futures product that allows users to speculate on assets with larger positions than they would be able to without leverage.
  • Option Liquidity Pools - An innovative system built on top of SSOV, OLP allows users to purchase SSOV option tokens at a discounted implied volatility in exchange for providing anytime exit liquidity to option buyers.
  • Governance - By locking their $DPX, users can earn protocol fees and rewards and participate in voting through the governance token (veDPX). The governance of Dopex operates through a vote-escrowed model, where $DPX must be locked for a specific period to receive the governance token and access voting power, which influences the distribution of emissions to pools.

In essence, Dopex presents a pioneering solution in the decentralized finance options arena, prioritizing liquidity, profitability, and efficiency.

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