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A lot of protocols coming up almost every day but i have been able to spot out this amazing project - Entangle.

Entangle is an exciting blockchain project that aims to provide an interoperable protocol layer for both native and external applications. This means that developers can use Entangle to build decentralized applications that can easily communicate with each other, regardless of the underlying blockchain technology or network.

Entangle solves the problem of interoperability in the blockchain ecosystem. Currently, most blockchain networks operate in silos, meaning that they cannot easily communicate and interact with each other. This creates a fragmented ecosystem where different blockchains and their respective dapps are isolated from each other.

By providing a common protocol layer and modular architecture, Entangle makes it easier for developers to create and deploy inter-blockchain dapps, which has the potential to unlock a whole new level of cross-chain functionality and collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem. This can help to increase the overall adoption and utility of blockchain technology. Show Less


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