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The community is a little lopsided towards Twitter, but overall they do a great job everywhere that counts.

I give community a full FIVE stars.

  • Telegram has over 14K followers the activity level is high. They make a solid effort with a bot before entry and quality pinned messages. There is some quality conversation, but also loaded with many memes, LFG, and similar chats. However, it makes sense as it pumped 300% in the last two weeks (people are excited).

I spotted common bots (profile pics of hot chicks that only say hello). I’m not sure how they got in there. Maybe they are LOL

  • Twitter has over 120K followers!! The activity level is high, and according to Twitter, they have over 6300 tweets, but looking at the feed, it seems light for a company engaging 120K followers. They do a good job posting updates, partnerships, catchy stuff, and trying to engage users. They even seem to host Twitter Spaces fairly often.

  • Discord has 3.6K followers. The activity level is low. Discord is well organized, and there is support for multiple languages, but it is obvious this is not a primary channel for them.

  • YouTube has > 8K followers the activity level is High. They do a great job on YouTube! They organize the videos well (Conferences & Interviews, Weekly Recaps, Fundamentals & Technical, etc.).

I like weekly recaps, under a minute each, and you can concisely see what happened that week. They also do a great job aggregating some of the better influencer videos.

  • LinkedIn has > 12K followers. The activity level is high. They have a lot of followers on LinkedIn, almost as many as on Telegram. They make a lot of posts (some aggregated from Twitter) and publish online events with a handful of attendees.

  • GitHub has 97 followers. The activity level is low Nothing special here. A handful of Devs Only

  • Reedit has 8.6 K followers, the activity level is high, and the post seems to get a lot of upvotes and activity.

My normal weighting for a community scoring is heavily weighted towards what I consider the primary three channels (Telegram, Twitter, and Discord), and the fourth being YouTube.

I gave them FIVE stars in this review as I thought YouTube was so well done it pulled up the score.

Once again, the weekly recaps are short and simple videos, but it keeps them front of mind in the crowded Crypto AI space and shows what they are accomplishing. Big props here.

Lastly, this is the most engaged company I have seen on LinkedIn. This is not impacting my score much, but they still deserve recognition for the effort.

My Score Breakout: Telegram: 4.5 Twitter: 5 Discord: 4 YouTube: 5 LinkedIn: 5 Gethub: 2 Redit: 4 Show Less


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