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#Idea wants to create and deploy your "Digital Twin(s)" OMG! is an Autonomous Economic Agent Framework built on the Cosmos-SDK, making it highly scalable, interoperable, and able to deploy WASM-based smart contract language using CosmWasm.

So, what exactly is an Autonomous Economic Agent (AEA)?

They call it a "Digital Twin."

This is your incarnation in the digital world. Your Digital Twin, powered by AI, can perform tasks for you better than you could.

For example, it could book a two-thousand-dollar vacation in Lisbon, including cheap and suitable flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals.

Your Digital Twin will visit popular travel sites, read reviews, choose a car rental near the airport, and book a popular and affordable room. Click, Bang, and Boom It’s Done!

AEAs can perform nearly any task you imagine and share their experiences and data with other AEAs or learn from similar tasks completed by other AEAs. is a framework that allows developers to create custom AEAs that are blockchain-agnostic and can be deployed on any chain.

An example is, which manages and protects crypto assets across multiple chains and can react quickly to changing market conditions. It can also create a Digital Twin that acts on your behalf, seeking arbitrage opportunities in the market, entering and exiting liquidity pools, monitoring tokens for liquidity changes, and selling instantly to avoid rug pulls.

The possible use cases for your AEA (Digital Twins) seem endless.

I give this idea five stars as it's mind-blowing, just scratching the surface of this project. Show Less

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