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#Idea wants to create and deploy your "Digital Twin(s)" OMG! is an Autonomous Economic Agent Framework built on the Cosmos-SDK, making it highly scalable, interoperable, and able to deploy WASM-based smart contract language using CosmWasm. Show More


The community is a little lopsided towards Twitter, but overall they do a great job everywhere that counts. Show More


As I have emphasized before, I am skeptical of the hype around artificial intelligence, as most AI projects seem to be inflated by speculators who will lose interest when the market cools down. Show More


By 2025, the revenue generated from the global artificial intelligence (AI) software market is projected to reach $126 billion. Show More

Very mixed on - think it is still early, but believe this is one of the few projects at the intersection of crypto / AI that may stand a chance

Show More


Fetch.AI has built the world’s first adaptive ‘smart ledger’ which enables Autonomous Economic Agents to perform proactive economic activity by adapting to events in the real world in real-time. Show More


There's no easy to read whitepaper, lightpaper or blog that clearly explains what is or how it works - or at least I haven't found it. Show More

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