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Let's begin with the areas that need improvement. Metahero's Twitter presence could be more consistent, as they tend to post infrequently, sometimes with gaps of a few days. Given their sizable following of over 200k, it would benefit the project to engage the community more actively on Twitter. They could consider using polls, memes, or other interactive content to spark discussions and increase engagement.

However, the story is different on their Telegram channel. Despite having a smaller member count of 23.4k compared to Twitter, the Metahero Telegram community is quite active and fosters insightful discussions and questions. The moderators excel in providing detailed answers and promptly addressing spam, making it one of the most positive Telegram communities in recent memory I have had the pleasure of scrolling through.

Metahero maintains an informative news section on their website, regularly posting interesting articles related to their project and the industry. These articles serve as valuable resources for the community, enabling them to expand their knowledge of the industry and the project itself.

Last month, Metahero organized a competition, asking the community to design an AI graphic. The winner was rewarded with 25k $HERO tokens. This competition was a smart move as it not only encouraged community participation but also garnered attention for the project on Twitter. It would be advantageous if Metahero capitalized on such momentum by posting more frequently on their own Twitter account.

The project recently launched its DAO checker on May 25, 2023, allowing the community to actively participate in important decisions. The DAO voting system is based on the number of $HERO tokens held, granting more voting power to those with larger token holdings. Additionally, the top 20% of addresses are periodically selected for voting on matters related to the platform's earnings and their allocation. While this structure aligns with the aim of including stakeholders with significant investments, the impact on decision-making remains to be seen, as financial wealth does not always guarantee the best decisions.

Overall, Metahero boasts a sizable community, and with recent rebranding, the launch of the DAO checker, and occasional competitions, the community has become more interactive with the project. To further enhance their community engagement, it would be beneficial for Metahero to hire someone proficient in managing their Twitter account, matching the caliber of the Telegram moderators. With the live DAO checker and upcoming decisions, it will be intriguing to see how the project navigates future developments. Show Less

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