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I thought a marketing review for Metahero was warranted due to its recent rebranding efforts and the complete overhaul of its website. The new design incorporates well - seamless animations, visually appealing graphics and a much improved navigation, which has received positive feedback from its community. The revamped layout offers a more interactive experience, guiding visitors through Metahero's offerings while also informing, captivating, and leaving them with a more lasting impression of the brand.

The old branding of the project had a strong focus on gaming, but the team felt it did not adequately represent the innovative nature of Metahero's technology or align with their future vision. They were worried this misalignment could have deterred users from outside the crypto world and created negative associations with the project. However with the rebranding, Metahero aims to reach a wider audience and have more collaborations with reputable, known brands. I think this strategic move will now better support these goals.

A key element of the rebranding was to showcase a "technology based lifestyle," which is evident in the new logo design. The team completely abandoned the old logo in favour of a slicker, more innovative design that in my opinion fits right alongside other major tech brands. This change reflects Metahero's commitment to embracing a more forward thinking approach and enhances its marketability.

Overall the rebranding efforts and the new website design have received a positive response from the Metahero community. These changes position the project for greater success in the future and I think will enhance its market appeal. Show Less

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