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Network: Bep20 (Binance Smart Chain) Public sale: The public sales for Metahero tokens were conducted on the PancakeSwap exchange. Audit: The project has been audited by Certik. LINK

Owner: The owner of Metahero is Robert Gryn. He is recognized as one of the 100 richest individuals in Poland and put focus on blockchain technology after selling Codewise.


Users can utilize the HERO token to cover expenses related to 3D scans and other services within the MetaHero ecosystem. It's important to note that physical scans are currently available in six cities: Tokyo, New York, Warsaw, London, Dubai, and Zurich.

Negative inflation:

Metahero tokens have a fixed supply of 10,000,000,000. Additionally, up to 5% of each transaction is allocated as a transaction fee, while up to 8% of each transaction is permanently removed from circulation.

Smart Staking:

A reward mechanism is implemented where up to 2% of the fee from each MetaHero token transaction is allocated to long-term investors. The development team has designed this smart staking system to enhance security and usability.

Burn and liquidity:

  • A burn process: 0–2% of every transaction is permanently burned.
  • Buyback and burn: HERO tokens are burned, and BNB is used to buy back and burn even more HERO.
  • Auto-liquidity: 0–6% of every transaction is automatically added to liquidity on PancakeSwap.

Supply inflation:

Within the past year, there has been a supply inflation of 92.64%, resulting in the creation of 4.75 billion HERO tokens. This information was discovered during my review, which you can find here. I was unable to locate any mention of this in their documentation.

Conclusion: Overall, the tokenomics of Metahero appear promising. The negative inflation, smart staking, and auto-liquidity features are commendable. However, the liquidity has been affected by the introduction of 4.75 billion HERO tokens last year. The allocation of 40% for the team, advisors, and company reserves might be considered high. I rate it with 4 stars, taking into account the potential benefits of the burn and negative inflation system in the long run. Show Less

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