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One thing that I really like about this project, like other projects, is that the Core team is doxxed and are fully transparent and allows us to take a look into their history. Instead of wondering if the team members are real, we can look into their profiles (such as on LinkedIn) and take a look at prior/current projects that they are also currently working on:

  • The founder and Chief Strategist is Naquib Mohammed based in Australia (although I am unsure why his title as CEO is not explicitly stated in the website), and has a past history of being an Advisor for projects such as Limpidfrog, Limar, and also has a strong technological background working across FinTech (Spherium Finance) and Telecom (Ericcson, Huawei). His past experience also shows credibility as Naquib works alongside with the Saudi government back in Riyadh, and is also currently a member of Blockchain Australia, however I couldnt find any information about him on the site, nor was MRHB listed as a Member.

  • The CTO seems to be Deniz Dalkilic, as he has an extremely strong technical background, previously serving as a CTO and Co-Founder for Bounty0x as well, and is currently also the Co-Founder of Paribus, a DeFi borrowing and lending platform based on the Cardano blockchain.

  • The last of the core team is Firas, their CCO, and also comes from a strong background history of Business Development across various regions. He is also currently the Co-Founder of Nile X, the "First NFT Shares Exchange".

What I truly like the most about the team is that they all come from various countries across Australasia, North America and Europe. It is an extremely diverse team, and they are also extremely inclusive - the Head of Global PR is Cecilia Wong, a Chinese based in Singapore.

However, what I would wish to be able to find as a bonus would be how active they are on social media (such as Twitter), as I am unable to find direct links to their twitter to see community engagement and involvement. Show Less

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Cyrator is a transparent and reliable review community where anyone can join, contribute and earn.

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