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If you are going to jump, then you better do it soon… Mainnet is coming!

(Updated: Feb 23, 2023)

Full disclosure... I'm a Saitozen and only recently got introduced to the project. I began buying Saito tokens after meeting one of its co-founders, David Lancashire, listening to him speak, and having some one-on-one time with him.

It is a low market cap token ($34M ranked #602) that has already shown it can increase by 7x from its current price even before the mainnet goes live.

A CryptoDiffer report recently ranked Saito as one of the top 15 projects with a market cap between $20M and $40M and the potential to grow.

How much can it grow? Well, if it makes it into the top 50+ (which many think it can do), that will be about a 35x increase from its current price.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • $SAITO is down about 85% from its all-time high (about 1 year ago).
  • $SAITO is only up about 2x from its all-time low (about 20 months ago).
  • $SAITO is only up about 10x from its private sale price.
  • $SAITO is only up about 4x from its public (IDO) price.
  • The mainnet has not launched yet and is expected to launch this year.

The only thing that gives me any pause for concern is the low 24-hour trading volume of only $147K, but that is more because this is a bit of a hidden gem with poor centralized exchange exposure. $SAITO is only listed on, BKEK, LATOKEN, and several other very small centralized exchanges. This will likely change when the mainnet goes live, so don’t sleep on this one, or you may miss the entry. Show Less


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