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Layer 1Infrastructure

If you are going to jump, then you better do it soon… Mainnet is coming!

(Updated: Feb 23, 2023)

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For the size and age of the project, I anticipated a more significant community. I would rate the Saito community 3 stars. Show More



I give the Saito community FOUR stars.

Overall Saito does a good job, and they disseminate a lot of good educational content. Show More


Fixing an incentivization problem.

This platform is now on my radar big time, and I give this idea FIVE out of FIVE stars! Show More

The whitepaper is quite hard to follow, but here are some great components:

  • decentralized web hosting. Show More

Circulating Supply : 2,178,496,599
Total Supply : 3,000,000,000 Max Supply : 10,000,000,000

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In my opinion, it is a buy at $0.016 at 35M Market cap and 160M fully diluted market cap. Show More

A really nice project. Saito is a layer 1 blockchain that is rewarding nodes for scaling. A really powerful system and really game changing. Show More


Telegram: Very good. a lot of daily activity focused mostly on Q&A and tech details. Discord: Show More

It's a Layer 1 blockchain with a new type of consensus mechanism to allow more scaled apps. Show More

Founders are Richard Parris(University of Melbourne graduate) and David Lancashire(UC Berkley graduate). Show More



  • Great intro video
  • Great website that visually explains impressive features with interactive graphics. Show More
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