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I give the Saito community FOUR stars.

Overall Saito does a good job, and they disseminate a lot of good educational content.

I feel this project and community are one of the best-kept secrets, and when the project gets the eyeballs it deserves, this community is poised to explode. The good news is that they seem prepared to handle it!

Make sure you check out the arcade. It is a fun community tool showing off the power of running apps on the Saito blockchain.

Channel Breakout:

  • Telegram has over 10K followers. Not a lot of activity, but the group is rather small. They have a Bot upon entry which is best practice, and over 25 pinned messages with valuable content. They also use an auto post with nicely formatted content to share all the other community links.

The conversations are positive sentiment is good. The admins are engaging users quickly with answers to questions. They also have an announcement channel.

  • Twitter has about 42K followers and a high activity level, and they do multiple posts daily.

They follow over 1200 other Twitter accounts, which is pretty cool when projects do this. It shows me that they have good partnerships and peer relationships.

The posts are very well done and consist of contests, recent AMAs, and updates.

The current pinned message "Saito Network Manifesto" has over 37K impressions!

  • Discord has ~1600 followers, and the activity level is very low. The channel is organized well, but it is obvious this is not a primary channel.

  • YouTube has 860 followers, and the video views are low. Based on the post on Twitter, there seems like there should be more content here. There are only a dozen or so videos here.

The ones they have are well done, and there are 9 Community Town Halls (AMAs) over 1 hour each!

  • Medium has 1K followers, which is good for this platform. They have a LOT of articles, but for some reason, they stopped posting in April 2022.

  • Blog could be organized better (suggest by category or date), but it has great content that looks to match up with Medium posts.

  • Reddit has 175 followers. They rank Top 50% by Size. Lots of posts with moderate levels of voting per post.

My weighting system:

Community scoring heavily prioritizes what I consider the primary three channels Telegram, Twitter, Discord, and to a lesser extent, YouTube. In my comments above, I may give some weight to another channel if something stands out.

My Score Breakout:

Telegram : 4 Twitter : 5 Discord : 4 YouTube : 3 Medium : 4 Blog : 4 Reddit : 4 Show Less


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