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Vulcan Forged has developed a solid community with respectable numbers across various social media platforms. Although their Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Medium followings have reached 123.6k, 16.7k, 7.3k, and 1.7k respectively, some might argue that these figures are relatively modest considering the ambitious gaming field they are targeting and the size of their competitors' communities.

However the most intriguing aspect lies in the community's statistics and engagement over time. Despite the ongoing bear market, Vulcan Forged has managed to maintain consistent market volume month after month for the past year, which is an impressive feat. While there have been occasional spikes in user growth, particularly in December and February, a closer examination reveals a positive trend toward a more buyer-oriented user base in 2023 compared to the seller-dominated community of 2022.

Nevertheless, there are some concerns that need addressing. The auction history remains consistent, but the trade activity has significantly declined since its peak in 2021. This decline is a cause for alarm. Additionally, the volume generated by the available dApps, which number 14, has been relatively low, with only $500k passing through them. It is worth noting that three dApps, namely VV Land, Vulcanites, and Vulcan Forged, account for the majority of the dApp volume over the past year. This indicates that Vulcan Forged needs to enhance the value proposition of its dApps in order to attract its community and encourage regular usage. Another worrying statistic is the decline in the number of rented lands since September of the previous year, with no signs of recovery at present.

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Overall Vulcan Forged shows promise with a community that supports and utilizes the platform to some extent. However there are certain areas, such as expanding their social media presence and building a larger community which could aid the project to gain more traction and users in order to achieve significant success and increase some of these statistics. Show Less

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