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Personally, I have an affection for the Vulcan Forged as a project, it ranks among my favourites in the P2E space that have been brought up by our Cyrator community. Show More

When I see projects like these play-to-earn or in-game tokens I tend to judge a project based on my experience and how the general public can be attracted to the cryptosphere through engaging games that are actually awesome. Show More

What I can see from Vulcan Forged is it actually brings real value to the cryptocurrency industry + attracts users and gamers from outside of it. Show More

Vulcan Forged has quite a lot going for it. It's a role playing game, a game studio, an incubator, a launchpad, a DEX and a layer 1 blockchain. Show More


wow this tokenomic is out of the norm. The token supply dedicated to the team is on a 10 year vesting period... Show More

I had PYR in my 3rd portfolio which consists of risky gaming projects and boy oh boy, I wanted to be wrong so bad. Show More

The Vulcan Forged community got big gains, impressive, but also lost a lot since October 2022. Show More

Undervalued blockchain specialized for play-to-earn. At the moment the market is not going well, however in the next bull run, I expect AAA games to be deployed, and the P2E market to skyrocket, which should fuel this new blockchain to gain massive growth from the hype. Show More


I think that Vulcan Forged offers an immersive and rewarding experience, making it a must-explore destination for enthusiasts seeking an mythological gaming journey in the world of crypto. Show More


Vulcan Forged has developed a solid community with respectable numbers across various social media platforms. Show More

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