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In the past week, the ATOR project has undergone significant developments that have stirred considerable drama within its community so I thought it would be worth doing a an up to date progress report. Show More


“For Anonymity at Scale” - Airtor

Ok so the idea is to support and incentivize The Onion Router (Tor) network so it can scale bigger, then down the road add additional hardware to support new features. Show More

Airtor ($ator) just came out on Uniswap. Currently has a $15M fully diluted market cap. They are a competitor of Helium from what I can tell to provide a network of wifi nodes that is operated in a peer-to-peer fashion. Show More


I was not able to find information about who is behind this project in a timely manner. And in developing such a project, where you plan to sell equipment in the future, this is a critically important aspect. Show More

Edit: I've changed my rating from 2 to 3 stars after D3Young's comment, linking to a video of their prototype. Show More


This project feels like it's in the idea stage and launching a token seems premature, which raises a red flag for me. Show More


At first, when CR spotlighted this project, I knew it was familiar, but I wasn't sure where I had heard of it. Show More

The ATOR project raises doubts at first glance. The idea has been borrowed and previously attempted by the Helium company, but unlike ATOR, Helium successfully raised significant funding and released equipment to support the network. Show More


This is my third review. By now I'm convinced that this project has nothing of value.

Telegram is only an announcement channel. Show More


Update January 8th, 24

As from first TA, it touched two times the green buying area and got up by 61% so far. Show More

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