BLiV is a "live to earn" app that rewards people for living healthy lives. Ads and health care investments provide revenues which flow into the economy via a buy back and burn program. BLiV will own a 20% share in GooBat Pharma, a $15M Malaysian healthcare business.


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What problem is being solved here using web3 tech?

The idea here is to use Thermal Optical Imaging(TOI) through smart phone's camera to create an economy of "scan your face and earn". Show More


I had the chance to spend several hours in person with Asher, the CEO of BLiV, so based on this discussion I'm revising my review with some notes: Show More


As Bliv is at the very start of their journey and have not grown much of a community yet, I thought I would give my 2 cents for what I believe would be good things for BLiv to do in order to help them to grow their community and keep their community interactive with the project. Show More

BLiv is a "Better Live to earn" web3 project. Team seems to have good intention to help people live better. Show More


I'm completely editing my previous review given the extensive edits that were made by the team, many of which seemed to have been based on my previous review (see review history). Show More


The core model, Live2Earn (L2E), focuses on rewarding users for maintaining their health, incentivizing preventive measures, and regular health check-ups. Show More

I am all for an app that encourages me to be healthier. One that pays me in tokens to be healthier is even better. Show More

Initially, even after thoroughly browsing the website, I had little understanding of BLiV's intended offerings. Show More

I think I am a BLiVer

This project encompasses several trending narratives in the crypto market, making it highly likely to succeed. Show More


Bliv scores well on tokenomics. Although we still do not have the exact distribution of the tokens and vesting in the docs, but based on Crypto Rookies assessment and his attached initial distribution scheme(Good vesting and distribution between team, investors and ecosystem), I am giving it 5 stars. Show More

Asher spoke to the Cyrator team on 4 July and his enthusiasm for his project was palpable. Show More


Originally I was concerned if the technology would end up being another Theranos. However, there are disclaimers that clearly state that it is not to be used as diagnostic, so in the end just like a fitbit, you cannot rely on it for medical reasons. Show More


I agree with Crypto Mill that it's difficult to rate a project on progress that this early. Show More


One thing that always works for me is having a hyperlink or a small link for the team members that links it to either their LinkedIn, Substack, Medium, or even past works that could help with building the credibility of the core team. Show More

I'd like to commend BLiV for introducing the concept of "Live to Earn." I am all for a project that emphasizes and encourages a healthier lifestyle, fostering awareness + self care among individuals. Show More


My tech rating is between 3-4 stars. But I'm staying with 3 for now until I see a couple of improvements. Show More


I've come across this project multiple times in the past weeks, and each time I'm amazed as I delve deeper into its mechanics. Show More


This is very early for Bliv to be assessed for it's progress. But team has been doing right things by being reviewed and updating themselves to be better prepared for success. Show More


BLiv will utilize Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI) and blockchain tech (tokens, NFTs, Staking etc). Show More

I had the opportunity to meet Asher, their CEO, in person, and he is very knowledgeable. I believe he is sincere about making a good project that will last for a long time. Show More

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