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I love BlockWallet. In this current era of crypto where self custody is becoming ever more so important, wallets like this really help the situation. Show More

The first thing that might come to mind is, "ugh, another wallet?" Yes, that's exactly what it is. Show More

The idea is quite promising. After the fall of many centralized exchanges in every bull run, such as Mt. Show More


I don't find BlockWallet to be unique, but the intuitive interface and great feature set make it stand out, particularly when compared to leading wallets like Metamask. Show More


BlockWallet have an amazing product but as is the case with most crypto projects if we are being honest there is no need to create a utility token for it. Show More

A Privacy-First, Self-Custodial Web3 Wallet

You may not realize it, but when using MetaMask, Phantom, Nami, Tron, Sollet, and other popular wallets, you leak your IP address and other data to node providers. Show More


I looked at how the tokens for this project will be distributed, and I have some worries. Show More


For this review, I researched BlockWallet's community engagement and how active they are within their community. Show More


I believe that creating a functional app and ensuring seamless integration with websites can be a challenging task for wallet providers. Show More


I think their designs are cool, and the wallet functions well. However, it's just one of many wallets available and doesn't particularly stand out to me. Show More

  • First of all, the locked period only is 2 years, guys, the ideal locked period in the crypto field is 3-5 years depending on the complexity of the project, any project which has a period lower than 3 years, you better stay away because they dont have any long term vision/commitment to the project. Show More

First, the founder Aleksandras Gaska, graduated in 2018 from ISM University of Management and Economics which has a ranking of 4727 worldwide, so we consider the level here to be just normal. Show More

No, there is many red flags here

  1. Cannot find whitepaper doc, only instruction which was written meagerly

  2. Show More


$BLANK token is not a buy from me guys.

As I mentioned in my tokenomics review I don't think the token is really needed for the project and there will likely be a lot of selling pressure from investors if the price does go back up. Show More


There are concerns regarding the BlockWallet team.

The team members at BlockWallet have varying levels of experience in the crypto and blockchain industries, where the operational leader, caught my attention. Show More

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