Institutional Credit Infrastructure

Credora allows you to manage all your Lending Operations from a single platform, including counterparty discovery, underwriting, execution, and risk management

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A testimonial on Credora's homepage from Folkvang states "Credora is a bunch of nerds armed with zk proofs beating the auditors in suits at their own game." More

Credora is a non crypto utility built on blockchain that offers corporate lending based on a risk model. More

In essence, Credora's promising initiative, it could benefit from greater clarity, transparency, and specificity to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the organization's capabilities and commitment to its goals. More

I like the idea and technology behind of Credora. As they trying to help the problem with assymetric information between lenders and borrowers. More

Credora's platform from what I can see provides a secure and transparent borrowing experience for well capitalized and risk conscious borrowing outfits. More

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