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First time I knew Gala project was before they listed it on Binance 1 day in September 2021. Show More


Follow up after 15th of May 2023:

Regarding Gala Token is still early to say. There are been a drop in Gala token price but unclear if prices have bottomed. Show More


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening! I wanted to bring Gala to the spotlight due to its pioneering platform in the world of gaming, entertainment, creative content and NODES! Show More


I've had the pleasure of being a part of the Gala community for quite some time now, and I must say, it's been an incredible experience thus far. Show More

Gala is a blockchain-based gaming platform that offers players the ability to earn rewards and trade in-game assets using cryptocurrency. Show More


The dynamic duo at Gala Games are Eric Schiermeyer and Michael McCarthy.

Eric Schiermeyer has a rich and extensive background within the tech industry. Show More


In this review, I would like to highlight one of the biggest ideas behind the Gala concept. Show More

Let me share with you my thoughts about why GALA is an excellent token to have. After writting this together with my previous reviews, I feel very bullish about GALA token and ecosystem. Show More


Gala Games was co-founded by Eric Schiermeyer, who is a co-founder of Zynga Games, the social gaming giant company behind super successful games such as FarmVille and Words With Friends. Show More

Gala is a platform for building games, virtual worlds, and social experiences. The following are key points regarding the project's potential and risks: Show More

Gala Games is a crypto gaming company which aims to develop world class games and give control / ownership to the players of these games through the use of their own NFT cryptocurrency, $GALA. Show More


Gala recently announced the launch of Gala V2, which brings about a host of improvements to the table, such as security enhancements, enhanced burn mechanisms as well as potential future upgradeability. Show More


Gala Games is upgrading its original Ethereum contract and replacing the $GALA token with a new version, $GALAV2, on May 15th. Show More


Gala Games is an innovative gaming platform that aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by empowering players to earn money while playing games, watching movies, listen to music or attend virtual events. Show More


Now "Galaxian Family" (Gala Ecosystem) has expanded across other verticals such as music, films, and online gaming. Show More


Gala Games has announced that they will be issuing a new token to replace the existing $GALA token on May 15, 2023. Show More


Gala's tokenomics confuses me a little bit. On their website it says the total supply of GALA is approximately 50 Billion. Show More

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