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Men, ever found yourself wishing for a partner who does not nag you constantly over the little things? Show More

This is a killer idea, it's a virtual boyfriend/girlfriend simulator. It plays on popular anime themes like very feminine guys and gratuitous female cleavage. Show More

Typical Asian vibe built to glue end users to virtual world, rather than a real one, there are obvious advantages and disadvantages... Show More

A Dreamy Vision for Play-to-Earn with Emotional Companions

In the ever-evolving world of play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain games, one project dares to weave a narrative beyond mere resource-grinding and token-chasing. Show More


The SleeplessAI Community, as indicated by Similarweb analytics, records a modest monthly traffic of 10,000 visits. Show More


Literally In LOVE with your NFT?

Let's see how costly is your love. The AI Loveables needs Diamonds to perform ASMR, Upgrade, Unlock Food (haha) ? Show More

A Great Idea Indeed. But far from accessible, meaning lower crowd money flowing in. Really.. Show More


Core Architecture:

Unity Development Engine: Familiar to many game developers, Unity provides a solid foundation for building immersive 3D environments. Show More

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