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StepN is complete crypto junk food!

They were the first in the MoveToEarn (M2E) space and were shilled heavily by the Solana fan club members. Show More


During my career in WEB 3 i met two types of startup pioneers, those that spent years to build MVP hoping to lure investment and those that can sell an idea and then build something, improvising depending on the market condition. Show More

We were all curious how much money you can make using StepN app. But to be honest, it’s difficult to give an exact amount of how much money you can earn from this app. Show More


Covered from ideation to execution and who are the people behind the project that developed STEPN? Show More

To put it in the Airbnb way, this is the worst idea in the right time, right place and right people that made it to the top. Show More


Building a sustaining community on Discord and Telegram is a real grinding work and least recognized, very few people not only in WEB 3, but also in WEB 2 understand or feel the pain, sleepless nights, cultural differences and developing structure while keeping an eye to impatient users, especially in early stages of any project. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

Activity is decreasing and is a race to the bottom. There are occasional big purchase, but those are likely to disappear... Show More


They did amazing on the marketing and community building, which is how they got huge. That's the only good thing about t... Show More


People get paid to walk, the only revenu stream comes from upgrading virtual sneakers which enables users to earn extra money when they walk. Show More


I agree with many of the reviews here that bash STEP'N for its unsustainable ponzinomics. Show More


StepN, a rising brand in the fatness industry (NFT sneakers, I mean really), has captivated the market with its innovative products (breeding sneakers) and impressive marketing strategies. Show More


The Move-to-Earn concept is an intriguing idea, particularly in today's society where many jobs require sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Show More

Automatically thought where is the money coming from? It comes from upgrading virtual sneakers, but no one would ever up... Show More


The only reason the project picked up steam and became huge is because of the community adoption based on the novelty of the concept. Show More

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