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We thought Arkham was controversial. Now enter Worldcoin. The more I read about this project the more irate I get about it. Show More

Worldcoin is a protocol designed to develop personal identity products. It leverages the Orb to scan a user's retina and utilizes the Proof of Personhood mechanism to verify their identity and securely store the data on the blockchain. Show More



They're collecting our personal data!" People have been sharing their fingerprints with their mobile phones (for quick phone unlock) for quite some time now. Show More


One of our analysts Blueseriph asked me I what I think about Worldcoin and its risks to privacy so I thought I would go down the rabbit hole with this project to see what I think once I have done some digging. Show More

I'm in favor of privacy and crypto being outside the control of governments and central banks, however 99% of the world population do not care about any of that stuff. Show More

I would like to express my concerns regarding this project:

  • Consider a scenario where a user experiences issues with their eyeball, such as an unexpected accident, glaucoma disease, or vision surgery. Show More

This project is creeeeepy. They are offering people crypto to provide very personal identification information, namely retina scans. Show More


July 29, 2023 - WorldCoin

Circulating Market Cap (CMC): $255M Fully Diluted Market Cap (FDMC): Show More


The central component of the Worldcoin platform is ‘World ID’, this is designed to offer users a way to verify their identity online while safeguarding their privacy. Show More

Grant for World ID Integration 🏆

Wormhole contributors have received a grant from the Worldcoin Foundation to integrate World ID, a top decentralized identity protocol, into the Solana ecosystem. Show More


In my opinion, Worldcoin's tokenomics presents significant concerns despite its utopian vision. Show More

Worldcoin offers a Faustian bargain - give up biometric data from iris scans in exchange for potential crypto rewards. Show More

Possibly, what Worldcoin is attempting to do is one of the greatest attempts of levelling the playing field globally through the concept of universal basic income (UBI), and they even attested to that in their website. Show More

The team in Brazil has been releasing some alpha for the communities and they are expanding the orbs production as we speak (image1)! Show More

I updated the WLD token for quite a while and now it made the full patter of the cup n handle and getting to 6+dollars. Show More


This project is really creepy and that extends into their tokenomics. A seemly good thing is that 75% of the supply has been earmarked for community rewards. Show More

Worldcoin is a new global currency, collectively owned and intended to be distributed fairly to as many people as possible on a global scale. Show More


I am based in Argentina (South America), and I have seen hundreds of people scanning their iris in order to get a few dollars. Show More


In my opinion, buying into Worldcoin as an investment doesn't seem like a wise choice. While the token might have some utility, it lacks viable investment potential. Show More


Innovative Vision: Worldcoin aims to develop personal identity products using retinal scanning, offering unique and fraud-resistant identification. Show More

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