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Hedera ($HBAR) has announced the removal of community-run nodes from their road map, pretty much publicly giving up on their commitment to decentralization. Show More

Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, enhancing transaction speed and reducing costs while maintaining Ethereum compatibility

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Changes to IOTA Leadership

Much has been moving and progressing in the $IOTA project, and since the launch of their IOTA EVM we’ve seen a great deal of announcements and technology partnerships being made. Show More

Navigating the Path to a Binance Listing

Are you a founder looking to list on Binance or a retailer hoping your project one day will be listed? Show More

"F**k it, we ball. $150,000 to the first person to definitively prove the identity of the creator of $DJT," Show More

I raised some questions regarding the use of the LLM (AI) during the weekly analyst calls. Show More

Flare ($FLR) claims to be the blockchain for data, providing devs with secure, decentralized access to high-integrity data from other blockchains and the internet. Show More


Moguto ($MOGU) is the most famous mushroom head meme in the world. Website looks exactly like $BIAOQING. Show More

#On-chain Activity Update

On June 14th, $300M USDC was minted on the Algorand Protocol ($ALGO) by an unidentified wallet for unknown reasons; and so far there has been no media coverage on the matter. Show More

UPDATE 18/06/24 on Community Round

Nillion ($NIL) is developing a solution to decentralized data privacy, which can be used for the integration of AI and for combating the “data wars” that we are fighting against big tech and black box centralized entities. Show More

Andrew Tate's $DADDY token shows "huge insider activity" to the tune of $45M, the investigator profile was blocked subsequently - signaling a potential liquidity risk warning and ongoing shadiness from the founder. Show More

Peaq Network ($PEAQ) is a very exciting project that is building the DePIN infrastructure for mobility, connectivity, energy and more. Show More

RWA narrative tokens you say? We’ve got you covered.

Redbelly ($RBNT) is an EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain, purpose-built and specifically designed for compliant asset tokenization (or, “CAT”) for Real World Assets (RWA). Show More

Project Name: Cookie3

Key Point transforms digital marketing with MarketingFi and an AI data layer redistributing value to users instead of big advertising firms

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Peipei ($PEIPEI) is getting upcoming CEX listings at and MEXC, and lookout for T1 listings just on the horizon (including Binance). Show More

Macro-to-crypto - june 12nd 24 - A Decisive Week 2/2

📜 Summary of Crypto Regulation or Fundamental Changes

Political Context:

  • The median investor's theorem suggests politicians aim to keep their voters loyal and sway the undecided. Show More

Solana (SOL)

What is the number one thing to know about Solana? Solana is taking significant steps to enhance the fairness and integrity of its network by penalizing validators involved in Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) activities, such as sharing mempool transactions. Show More

I checked out Grove Coin (GRV) because of Kawin’s 5 star review, but encountered lots of issues. Show More

About Me x2

Hi everyone, thank you for the warm invitation to join your community!

As my name would suggest, I am an aspiring memecoin researcher and a recovering degenerate gambler. Show More

Wadzpay ($WTK) is a B2B technology provider with a mission to deliver seamless, secure, and innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of digital businesses and consumers. Show More

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