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Ondo is the biggest tokenization platform of Real World Assets on the market. Wether or not it is currently over-valued is open to discussion, however given it's absence of underwater backers, and it's first bull market status. Show More

GameStop has ventured into the world of crypto! At least, some influencers are continuing the legacy of GameStop in the crypto space. Show More

Elixir Tokenomics & Airdrop Assessment

First off, please use my referral link to join the Elixir Apothecary campaign (discussed in this post): Show More


So.. $VENOM Looked promising, incredibly popular and worked fast AF, but turned out to be a disappointment. Show More


For those who know me, I've been one of the most negative-oriented reviewers of meme coins. Show More


First of all, I don't think that this is a good project because the use case isn't there and the tokenomics are terrible. Show More


PAC Project - A Year of Milestones

The PAC Project is marking its first anniversary, celebrating a year of significant achievements and growth. Show More


Blah, whenever a project says that they are easy to use and secure, they are probably going to fail. Show More


The tokenomics on this project don't look good.

There is supposedly a total supply of 250,000,000 CIRUS and only about 25% of that is floating. Show More


There is no minting with this token, so what's currently available appears to be the max supply. Show More

There isn't a whole lot to say about this. It's another me-to cute-dog token.

I feel that there isn't anything inherently wrong with meme coins per se, but this one isn't even trying. Show More

Token Unlocks May 20-26th

📊 Important #Unlocks: May 20 - 26.

The most important unlocks of this week that can greatly affect the prices of these tokens: Show More

Macro to Crypto - 14.8.24 - A Decisive Week by Taiamã Demaman 2/2

1 - Macro - US Still Strong 2 - Crypto <-

Show More

Macro to Crypto - 14.8.24 - A Decisive Week by Taiamã Demaman 1/2

1 - Macro - US Still Strong <- 2 - Crypto

In a week of possible market inflection, we had Jerome Powell's comment in Amsterdam about the possibility of interest rates remaining on hold for even longer, increasing the tension on risk assets 📉. Show More

Runes on BTC - What's the catch ?

I wanted to make this my spotlight of the week, but Bitcoin Runes lacks a website. 🤔

The under-the-radar Bitcoin Runes on BTC remains a highly speculative conversation, with few people paying attention, similar to the BTC ordinals from earlier this year. Show More


Starknet is yet another example of VC's dumping on retail investors; joining the ranks of EigenLayer, and Wormhole.

The price is down 72% since it's all time high which was at the token launch itself with a fully diluted market cap of $44B ($6.8B in circulation). Show More

Say Hello to DePIN-Kawin

Hey guys!

The other of the two most trending narratives in crypto right now (the first one I wrote about was RWA) is DePIN - short for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure. Show More

Today (13 May 2024), $NIZA is the most visited project on CMC and with a MC of 28m, certainly a one to watch. Show More


Trade idea: $SPACE

With a price trading around $8, $SPACE was almost "stable" around $20 for a very long time this year. Show More

Macro to Crypto - 5.8.24 - Taiamã Demaman 3/3
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