The Forge NFT Sale is open 

Data Ownership Protocol - DOP tokenomics model is not as interesting as their technological solution but I'd still expect a 5X-10X from the current valuation. The valuation at launch is pretty high, but let's crunch the numbers.

The airdrop is under way for those who participated in the test network tasks. I did get an allocation but it is nothing to write about, although for the time invested I guess it was ok, but nothing exceptional that I would want to write about. Since the token is on the main Ethereum network with very high transaction fee, I'm not even claiming my airdrop just yet until I see what final price once it starts trading. At this point in time, I would have made about $50... 545,000 participants received that airdrop. I would have preferred to get a bigger airdrop but with a 1 year vesting period.

The total supply will be 23,370,186,853 at the time of this writing. They had a pre-sale for eligible participants at $0.082, which means a $1.9B fully diluted market cap (FDV). That's a little high for my taste although I've seen worse, assuming they have between 1M and 2M wallet holders, I'd say that should be priced at less than $20B once they fully execute on their roadmap. So, what will be the listing price itself? I'm guessing $0.10 which means a $2.3B FDV, which means 5X to 10X potential growth as the bull run goes into full bull. Not necessarily bad but I have a feeling a lot of airdrop farmers will be gone soon after they receive their airdrop, so I think the actual number of users will shrink a lot before it starts climbing again. Speculators always outnumber real users, so I don't know how many people are actually serious at encrypting their assets and transactions. I would guess maybe 20K users will actually use the service at first, which would price a FDV closer to $200M.

I feel there is a way too much tokens getting unlock at TGE itself (8B tokens), it will be a bit hard to overcome that sell pressure (potentially $800M). I don't know how much money they have accumulated, but if people start selling in masses and overcome the buy pressure, panic selling may starts to set in and that would be a bloodbath. I wouldn't be surprised to see the token price tank, but I don't know what is the size of the liquidity pools on DEX, and the liquidities available for market making on CEX, yet I highly doubt it can absorb $800M. If the price drop to $0.01 I will start to DCA in because it is still a great project.

As well, I've never been a fan of seeing the team fully vesting their token within 36 months. There are better ways to manage this to reduce sell pressure, using resistance in the price structure instead.

In summary, I'm expecting a listing price around $0.10. I'll start to DCA on the way down below $0.01. I believe the top price could reach $1.16 at the peak of the bull run in 2025. Show Less


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