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The Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) is utilizing zero-knowledge proofs in order to allow flexible transparency on top of Ethereum L1. DOP allows users... More

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Data Ownership Protocol - DOP tokenomics model is not as interesting as their technological solution but I'd still expect a 5X-10X from the current valuation. The valuation at launch is pretty high, but let's crunch the numbers. Show More

Data Ownership Protocol is building something I haven't seen before using zero knowledge proof technology. You can encrypt your digital assets in your wallet so that other users cannot find out what and how much you own. Show More


In examining the technological landscape of L2 solutions, it is evident that zk proofs (ZKPs) are commonly employed to enhance privacy. Show More

DOP is an Ethereum protocol enabling user-controlled selective disclosure of on-chain data. Show More

Vitalik Buterin recently collaborated on a research paper exploring the nuanced intersection of privacy & regulatory compliance within the crypto realm. Show More

DOP in a Nutshell: Selective Transparency meets Ethereum

I did an extensive research on DOP and i am really impressed by what the team is building. Show More


The Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) introduces a novel approach to privacy on the Ethereum blockchain through selective transparency enabled by zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). Show More

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