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Entangle is a Cosmos SDK-powered Layer 1 that provides utility to liquidity through cross-chain connection and interoperability needs.

Entangle has 3 products - their L1 Blockchain and Oracle Solution, Synthetics Vault, and the Entangle USD (which is currently sidelined due to potential regulatory issues).

Entangle’s cross-chain DEX Network (their L1) allows exposure to yield-bearing assets on multivarious blockchains, and has their own oracle solution to power their cross-chain products - due to a lack of compatibility and operational cost from current oracles. Their oracle solutions are also able to be integrated for other project owners via SDK, which is extremely interesting

The Synthetics Vault is their main product, allowing users to create synthetic versions of any yield-bearing asset such as LP tokens. These synthesized assets are basically ‘Liquid Staked Derivatives’ of the original asset, and can be used to perform further DeFi operations with - similar to stETH.

The token, $NGL, has a strong focus on revenue sharing, which definitely benefits holders of the token. Their testnet experience is quite pleasurable and was extremely easy getting faucet tokens. Show Less

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