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Entangle seeks to address a critical pain point in DeFi: the fragmentation that makes decentralized finance challenging for mainstream users, especially newcomers.

Entangle's capabilities:

  • Building technology to interconnect siloed DeFi protocols across blockchains. This integration should enable seamless cross-chain asset transfers to optimize yields.
  • Improving capital efficiency for users and incentivizing sticky liquidity for protocols.
    *Removing friction in cross-chain DeFi to unlock the full potential of an interconnected multi-chain ecosystem.

How? Entangle's Synthetic Vaults let users supply liquidity to any protocol on any blockchain with one click. Users don't have to make new wallets, add networks, and bridge assets. A user-friendly solution.

Moreover, these Synthetic Vaults could enhance liquidity by making assets transferable and reusable across multiple platforms.

One thing I like is that Entangle simplifies cross-chain transactions, creating a smoother onboarding experience for less technical users.

Entangle's vision intrigues me, but as an unproven emerging project, we must closely evaluate progress. The potential of this project is compelling. Show Less

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