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Consider $ROSE and its prospects in the medium and long term.

  • AI narrative. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence coins and big data, even for projects that have no connection to AI. Unfortunately, in such situations, people tend to buy anything labeled with "AI" making it difficult to identify genuinely worthwhile products. Despite the many hyped-up and pointless projects, there are a few decent options. Among them, $Rose stands out due to its partnership with META, which allows it to collaborate on AI-related projects. Thus, of all the AI tokens, $Rose likely has the most significant partnership.

  • Privacy With the shift of $ETH away from a privacy-focused model, privacy-based networks/chains like $XMR (Monero) have rallied. As the push for regulatory compliance grows stronger, the crypto community, which is mostly against such regulations, is expected to increasingly support and prioritize privacy-focused networks.

  • $Rose is currently trading close to its ICO price*, which suggests that most early investors who wished to sell have already done so. The remaining VCs and investors are likely to hold their positions until there is significant upward momentum in the price.

*ICO price = 0.08; VCs bought it 0.02 - 0.03 in 2018. Those VCs have so much money they can afford to wait 5 - 10 years to cash out.

So it’s highly unlikely we’ll see $ROSE being sold off under 0.08 by early backers.

As with almost all tokens, their supply is inflationary until they hit their max supply.

MC = 390M $ FDV = 770M $ Circulating Supply = 5.7B Total Supply = 10B

The current price looks quite attractive to buy, but get ready to hold it in the long run to make a significant profit. I'll simply an observer.

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