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"Layer 1 PoS smart contract platform that provides scalability, extensibility, and privacy. "

I think they're very interesting because private transactions and computations is important for Blockchain's future and their architecture allows incorporating various privacy and consensus technologies. So they're setting themselves up to easily incorporate new technologies.

Whitepaper Outtakes:

  • Our goal is to enable a range of privacy enhancing technologies so that different ParaTimes can choose different technologies and make different trade-offs.

  • efficient verifiable and confidential smart contract execution

  • The consensus layer accommodates multiple smart contract runtimes simultaneously.

  • Our modular layered design separates smart contract execution from consensus, reducing the replication factor for smart contract execution without sacrificing security

  • private computation using Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) for efficient, cost-effective confidential smart contract execution; it also provides verifiable computing via discrepancy detection.

  • Like for verifiability, our architecture does not require ParaTimes to provide confidentiality, nor does it require (or preclude) the use of any particular confidential computing technique

  • The modular design of the platform allows the consensus layer to be easily changed to use a completely different consensus mechanism to benefit from the latest progress in the space

Website excerpt

  • "users can stake their data with apps who get to use or analyze the data", website text which I guess explains it to some extent. Show Less

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