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Oasis Network ($ROSE) is a modular blockchain which specializes in privacy-preserving techniques. Oasis is one of the interesting project in blockchain-assisted AI computation.

Developing machine learning models requires large data sets, but many of the most useful and relevant data sets are private and "siloed," making them difficult to access due to regulations. Responsible data sharing using secure enclaves, as illustrated in this infographic, is currently the only way to gain access to this valuable data. However, security standards can vary among companies and services, making it difficult to sufficiently guarantee data confidentiality.

"Confidential computing ensures that data remains private during computation and cannot be reused without permission."

Oasis Network aims to address this challenge by using tokenized data to power the next generation of privacy-first applications and create a new, responsible data society. Data providers can stake their data with apps and control how their sensitive information is consumed, earning rewards in the process. The Oasis Network isn't just another abstract "data and AI" blockchain - it enables a data economy to scale massively on public decentralized infrastructure.

It's hard to do a project analysis because of Recently there has been a lot of hype around AI & Big Data coins. Ironically, some of these projects have nothing to do with AI, but when a narrative takes hold, people will buy anything not nailed down. It's easy to buy something clearly labeled as "AI".

There are a couple that seem decent but most seem like hyped up useless vapourware Speculators will leave when hype dies off so prices will dump. ROSE seems to be more fundamental, I am very glad that he was not on the list of coins that grew on the recent hype.

*Meta has invested billions of dollars into AI, and they are relying on Oasis to responsibly analyze data from Instagram surveys:

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