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Unlock Protocol is a system that creates memberships and sells access NFTs memberships cards valid for a wide range of activities, mainly related to community and revenue generation like membership subscriptions, ticketing events like hackathons, validations of certificates, and token gating access are some examples.

Using NFTs as a Membership model is not new, but two things got my attention from Unlock are:

  1. Certifications: A NFT that expires can be used to certify if someone has gone through validation/authentification and create a conversation flow of what to do if you are not validated/authenticated. According to Julien Genestoux, adding stuff to the base of ERC721 is easy and so, a dynamic NFT provides the possibility of having recurring revenues.

  2. Integrations: Unlock Protocol is deployed on eight different EVM networks and many tools for developers to make a unlock Protocol accessible. I like the idea of plugins for WordPress, and similar sites, where we can configure a token gate content so that only people with the NFT can access it. Notwithstanding, I like the idea that others could also generate revenue as third parties. For example, If I were to have a blog, other bloggers posting on my blog could also generate income. Doesn't need to be complex web or blog.

Something proper for the times we are living in is the facilitation for onboarding of Web 2.5 that Unlock provides. These non-crypto users use membership NFTs but buy the NFT through credit cards or any legacy payment platform. This way of payment is essential to onboard more people into web3, but I understand that as time goes by, new generations won't need this kind of onboarding access.

The team leader, Julien Genestoux, knows what he is doing; he has the vision and power to make the change backed by VCs, so I give this project a 5.

As this project moves forward, I want to see how it evolves and become a must use for creators and users of Web2.5 and WEb3 communities. Show Less


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