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An incentivized L1 blockchain that allows developers to capture the value their dApps create, enabling sustainable economic models.

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Archway – Capture The Value You Create!

I know what we are all thinking… “Do we need another L1 project?”

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If Noah were to build something again, it would be this ARCH!

The website alone fills me with energy and enthusiasm. Show More


Not a fan of these fixed tokenomic release schedule (although most of the tokens are locked for first 12 months). Show More

Let me start by saying this isn't really a Layer-1 project because it's built on the Cosmos Ecosystem, where there are no layers, just different blockchains to interact with. Show More


Their idea is to nurture developers, helping them unleash their full potential and maximize their contributions within the ARCH ecosystem. Show More

This particular L1 possesses a distinctive characteristic that provides it with a competitive advantage, distinguishing itself from numerous other L1 models that are currently in abundance. Show More

Archway is a new layer-1 blockchain project focused on incentivizing developers through novel tokenomics that reward smart contract creators. Show More

I like the concept a lot. Without developers building utility blockchains are nearly useless at this point. Show More

I love this concept. Basically, developers build Dapps, then charge people a fee for using them. Show More


Archway Project, with its affinity for the color orange and a visually captivating marketing approach, exudes an air of sophistication and professionalism right from the start. Show More

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