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22287 TG followers 500K Fantom Foundation on X 380K followers of Andre Cronje on X 12,566 Discord 39K reddit

So what is dominating the conversation in all of the Fantom communities at the moment (date of writing 12 Sept 2023)? Show More

In a very competitive and almost saturated L1 market what is Fantom’s main feature that distinguishes itself from its competitors? Show More


The Fantom network consists of nodes differentiated into users and validators. The ONLAY framework introduces graph layering on the DAG to achieve reliable ordering of event blocks. Show More

Famton was founded by veteran people:

Dr. Ahn Byung Ik (founder): PhD in computer science from Yonsei University, President of the Korean FoodTech Association, co-founder of food technology platform SikSin. Show More

Fantom is a platform that uses distributed ledger technology, allowing the construction of dApps to improve the network scaling problems that current Blockchain platforms are facing. Show More

Fantom (FTM) Speed, Security, and Potential. Researching Fantom, I’ve found a blockchain that aims for speed, security, and versatility, with notable projects like 1inch, SushiSwap, BitGem, and Bitlootbox NFTs backing it. Show More

Following up on Blueseriph’s September 2023 review.

I was one of those left holding the bag as I rode FTM up in DeFi summer and rode it all the way down after the Luna crash. Show More

Full disclosure: I'm a long-term Fantom holder (as I mentioned before in my micro-review). Show More

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