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I don't think any metaverse oriented for retail shopping will ever beat amazon as long as the VR hardware doesn't become vastly better. Show More

I'll start off by saying I'm giving 4 stars to the team because I am impressed by their credentials but I can't quite give 5 stars because of their relatively short time in the Web3 space and the fact team isn't doxxed in the whitepaper so I had to do a bit of digging on them. Show More

Highstreet is a Metaverse and MMORPG where brands, both traditional and crypto, can showcase their wares in Highstreet World. Show More


Highstreet recently conducted a successful community event with its Animoca RV Racing Rally. Show More

Highstreet is a decentralized, commerce centric play to earn metaverse built with VR support. Show More

Highstreet is known as a prominent Play-to-Earn project from a while back. Through this project, traders can play while also seeking profits. Show More


I can't get any real information about their tokenomics, vesting period, anything except their max supply. Show More

Quack Quack! Let the ducks be with you and enjoy in a play-to-earn MMORPG-style game that in a peaceful vibe. Show More

There are going to be a few select metaverses that win the metaverse battle. Like how Instagram and TikTok are winning in the social media space. Show More

Highstreet is a blockchain game that provides players with numerous options and conveniences while playing games on various platforms, such as PC, web, phone, and virtual reality devices. Show More

The project team at LumiereVR, a VR vision technology company, has been working collaboratively for a span of 6 years. Show More


While I really like the idea of Highstreet in principle as it represents a cool future how things could be once certain technologies improve and become more adopted worldwide, I believe right now the project could be considered as nothing more than just a gimmick. Show More

Highstreet is a play-and-earn Metaverse and platform where brands can make use of the platform to integrate and build their space around their world to gain traction for product offerings. Show More

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