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Distributed GPU marketplace that lets users contribute computational power to 3D rendering projects


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#On-Chain Activity

TL;DR: There isn’t enough demand for outsourced GPU rendering at this time

I recently tried to spin up a Render Node, and only then was I able to see underneath the hood of what’s going on. Show More

The founder of Render has legit experience in 3D rendering, which I believe makes them one of the best options for projects in this space. Show More


I thought to share that one of the drivers that made the $RNDR price go up is the partnership with NVIDIA, worlds leading GPU company. Show More

The Render Network is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to access decentralized GPU power for rendering 3D graphics, video effects, VR/AR content, and other computationally intensive tasks like AI training. Show More

The Render Network proudly holds its position as a pioneer in providing decentralized GPU-based rendering solutions, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of digital content creation. Show More

It's all about the narratives, baby. RNDR made a big narrative splash earlier this spring, when a wave of AI hype gave way to real questions about how will the scalability and security of All This Media Data be achieved. Show More

The Render Token (RNDR) project opens up various possibilities for digital creators by offering access to distributed GPU rendering services on the blockchain. Show More


After a big run up, it looks like RNDR is losing momentum.

There are a lot of wicks on the tops of the current daily candles and the volume is falling to levels before the run up. Show More

The results that have been achieved on this network are impressive, and that's the only thing that matters...results. Show More


The Render Network Foundation has taken a significant step towards decentralization by assuming control of the Render Network protocol, marking a transition towards community governance. Show More

So I recently stumbled across this project and I've to admit that it seems like a slick solution for anyone in the 3D rendering world. Show More

Render (RNDR) is a decentralized GPU rendering network that helps users quickly and efficiently render 3D graphics and animations, a process that can take several hours (even overnight). Show More


I guess those GPU's that are not being used to mine BTC due lack of profitability and purpose, can be used for rendering now 🫨. Show More


A highly driven and accomplished team, led by a prominent figure named Jules Urbach, heads the operations at the Render Network. Show More


Imagine you love drawing or making cool animations on your computer. But sometimes, when you want to create really detailed and awesome pictures, it takes a lot of time for your computer to finish rendering them. Show More


Things can change, specially in Crypto. But if you take community input, things might change in ways the founders never predicted. Show More


Many things happening at Render Network!

Decentralisation progress has been made a few months ago by Render. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

How would you call Render, the sleeping bull? A bulldozer.

We're currently experiencing a bullish sentiment with Render, as indicated by the on-chain activity. Show More

This project looks like Airbnb or Uber for SERVER - SIDE RENDERING!!!!!!

I am thrilled about this project as I previously co-founded a video streaming startup that was backed by Sequoia. Show More


A real Web3 solution! They saw a problem and they created a solution for it. Render Network is a distributed GPU rendering service on the blockchain. Show More

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