SophiaVERSE starts with NFT-based gameplay and marketplace and evolves into a full-fledged environment and API for games integration into the multiverse.


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For investors that are looking to buy the tokens hoping for an appreciation of value, there is nothing that is available at the time to look out for in terms of allocations - how much does the team get out of the 1B tokens? Show More

Sophia, the robot who got Saudi citizenship in 2017. I met Sophia at the UN in 2017 (picture attached). Show More

I've actually heard of Sophia back in 2018, when she was gaining popularity and made a speech to the UN, but died down in 2020/2021, and I initially thought it was just another fad/PR stunt by Hanson Robotics. Show More


A 1-star rating? Why LB??? Let me start by saying that, for me, the system is unclear and unnecessarily complex. Show More


SophiaVerse has yet to make any significant noise in the crypto space, mainly due to the lack of marketing efforts by their team and marketing director, Stacey Engle. Show More


The project utilizes two primary tokens: $SOPH and $GUARD.

$SOPH is used for various transactions such as buying and selling in-game assets, staking to earn rewards, completing tasks, accessing memberships, and upgrading features. Show More

Hanson Robotics and SingularityNet have partnered to create a project called SophiaVerse, which revolves around Sophia, a humanoid robot. Show More


I can't find any relevant information about token allocation, vesting, etc. the most vague information I have ever found. Show More

Sophia is a celebrity. Created in 2016 by Hanson Robotics Ltd., the leading designer of humanoid robots, Sophia has generated over 4 billion social media impressions, conducted one-on-one meetings with leaders of 17 nations and attended over 200 conferences. Show More


The project is mega cloudy. Information about tokens is very difficult to find, even though it is really needed because the system is unusual and complicated for me. Show More


When you read their website, it's not really clear what they are creating. From what I understand, it is a metaverse centered around the humanoid Sophia. Show More

The project in question appears to be solely a marketing ploy,

  • Lacking any valuable activities from the start until the end of 2022. Show More

The management team of Hanson Robotic boasts experienced individuals such as

  • David Handson, the CEO, has a strong interest in humanoid robots. Show More

The team of SophiaVERSE could reach great heights, in full potential, but some need to step up their pace. Show More


The SophiaVerse team looks vastly experienced, with Sophia and David Hanson (also CEO of Hanson Robotics) leading the team. Show More


I wonder if SophiaVerse would ever have a collaboration with current major AI players such as OpenAI to work on expanding their collective efforts or to integrate GPT/Generative Art Ideas into SAIL, possibly as a questline for rewards. Show More


The community associated with a three-year project is notably small. Specifically,

  • Twitter account has only amassed 8,000 followers and has produced a mere 76 tweets since its inception on April 24th. Show More

Apart from tapping onto Sophia's popularity and recognition, I don't see that they have done much, if not any marketing on SophiaVerse. Show More


Firstly, I am extremely confused on why a quick link to their Twitter is only available at the bottom of their site, instead of up there with Telegram and Discord. Show More

SophiaVerse aims to capture a $200 billion gaming market with an NFT-based platform that combines gameplay with AI to make gaming more interactive, and AI more intelligent. Show More

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