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If I think about games nowadays, they look badass with a very wide variety of options and playstyles. Show More

This appears to be one of the most ambitious gaming + metaverse projects to date. The stunning concept art, cinematic trailers, and screenshots showcase a visually captivating world, fuelled by the power of Unreal Engine 5. Show More


When you think of CEOs with a background in traditional finance especially those which have the qualification of a chartered financial analyst, you might envision a stern, buttoned-up individual. Show More


I think one of the strongest points of Star Atlas might be the Community.

They really supported them through everything, many big groups are building guilds and trying to work together. Show More

In the (retail) investors' eyes, this project is a risky choice. 

15 million dollars vanished because of the FTX crash. Show More

When I first heard of Star Atlas I was very excited. Eve Online, their biggest competitor is not a web3 game, but has been ongoing for more than 10 years. Show More

I was aware of this project when it was initially launched, but I made the decision not to invest in it. Show More


Will I outright buy either of Star Atlas’s tokens from their dual economy on an exchange or secondary market? Show More


In a nutshell the future full game of Star Atlas will combine the power of Unreal Engine 5's Nanite technology for stunning visuals and use blockchain technology through the Solana protocol for secure and largely serverless gameplay. Show More


Although my micro review may not have been overly positive, I do have a positive view of the Star Atlas community. To start with, this review ended up taking me more time than I had initially intended, but I must admit I had some fun exploring. Show More


Another review mentions a number of upgrades and features to Star Atlas over the past year, but what wasn't mentioned was the recent (as in 2 days ago on 2 June 2023) update of the Showroom Release 2.1 (R2.1)

Show More


EDIT: 3-8-2023 *** So update on Star Atlas, because its needed, last week they announced that they have downscaled their team from After FTX they already downscaled from 200, but now from 165 to 45 people because the overhead cost were too high to keep running like this, 39 of the people are still working on a UE5 game. Show More


I will be honest; I do think Polis is at a discount now, IF they are able to build the dream they are presenting. Show More


The Star Atlas Ecosystem has a double tokenomic: POLIS is their governance token, and ATLAS is their in-game currency. Show More


I think it's the greatest vision currently in development in the Web3/Crypto gaming space. Show More

Intergalactic game. Website looks awesome. Giving them 4 instead of 5 stars because the token has tanked in the year sin... Show More

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