The Unfettered, First Story-Based AA Game to feature Play2Earn, NFT, and Metaverse, brings you the story of a lonely woman’s arduous journey to end years of Blood and Tears in the Age of Gods


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This game will smash the barriers between Web2 and Web3 gaming.

At first glance, it may appear similar to other Play2Earn games with NFTs that allow gamers to profit financially from playing, but that's where the similarity ends. Show More


A Different Look at the SOUL Tokenomics…

If you want a traditional look and a deep dive into tokenomics, I invite you to check out the post by Crypto Rookies. Show More


Animoca, etc. invested $2.5M one year ago. Show More


The Unfettered is a story-based free-to-play, play-to-earn blockchain metaverse game where players can own NFT items and earn $SOULS tokens. Show More

I started researching this project by going to the website. Unfortunately, despite having super fast WiFi and a newer phone, I couldn't get the graphics for the partners and backers to load at the bottom of the page. Show More


The Unfettered TGE occurred today (05-23-23).

It was released on two CEXs (MEXC & GATE) and listed on QuickSwap DEX (Polygon). Show More


The CEO and CTO have both co-founded Awkay Studios which seems to be a studio that develops blockchain based games, however The Unfettered is the only game they have worked on prior to this studio being set up over 2 years ago. Show More

This game looks amazing, with strong backing from Animoca Brands, Vendetta Capital along with many other partnerships. Show More

The gaming market is a very long tail market, very few games make nearly all of the money while the rest fight for scraps. Show More

On the website, I immediately felt the Skyrim vibe. Moving into the game, my intuition was spot-on. Show More

#On-Chain Activity

Like we see so often after their initial release to the public, the token price dumped. In 5 days it went from $0.017 to 0.0058 at time of writing (28-05-23) thats a loss of 65,49% for anyone participating in the public round. Show More


The Unfettered demo (released on 14 April 23) was built in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). UE4 was launched by Epic Games in 2014 and has been around for quite a while. Show More


The idea is interesting but there are quite a few buts that offset all my attraction to this souls like game. Show More


Any game studio that embraces the blockchain technology for their infrastructure is already 1 step ahead, the times of scammy backdoor deals and chinese gold farms are over. Show More


I'll admit, this game does have some good points. The graphics in their YouTube videos look good and the mechanics of the game are compelling. Show More

My biggest concern with this is that games generally have a relatively short shelf life. They depend largely on popularity and most games will never achieve the staying power of something like Minecraft or Final Fantasy. Show More


To many fails to be positive about the Technology

Sorry, but I don't understand the reason to build two games, first in UE4 and then attempt to replicate it in UE5. Show More


Due to the Unfettered’s team I am not convinced enough to participate in its upcoming IDO. Show More


The Unfettered has grown a community of 84.6k followers on Twitter, 21.7k in their Discord, 16k in their Telegram 16k and 7.6k subscribers on their Youtube 7.67k. Show More

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