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Sui is a new layer-1 chain that promises to operate at a speed and scale previously thought unattainable. It aims to “cater to the next billion users... More


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I would like to write this to avoid any misunderstanding, we should know there are 2 entities here Show More


Sui has 536k Twitter followers at the time of writing (01 May 2023).

I get a feeling reading through the recent tweets that the community isn't entirely happy with how the project has treated early supporters. Show More

Narrative in Crypto Projects are massively important for their success and Sui has it.

Sui is referred as the Solona Killer. Show More


SUI has an effective marketing approach

  • First, why they don't offer airdrop for free users? Show More

Sui continues to develop the advancements that were present in Meta's Libra blockchain, offering unique technological solutions in the blockchain field: Show More


I think we can all agree that Sui has made incredible progress in recent months - and has just officially launched its mainnet on May 3. Show More


The Sui token will enter the market soon and will represent a utility token, typical for most Layer 1 solutions in the market. Show More


My 3-point rating for Sui's marketing is based on the complex situation with the crypto community. Show More


#Progress in Tokenomics and Token Launch

This review will cover some concerns about the $SUI listing and tokenomics from a MM(market-making) perspective. Show More

Not going to repeat the same points highlighted by other great analysts in previous reviews. Show More


Sui is a layer 1 blockchain designed for both users and developers. With its object-centric design, it allows developers to create programmable objects representing user-level assets with distinct attributes such as ownership. Show More


We are no longer in 2017 when only a few billionaires jumped into this market or 2020 when a few enterprises jumped in, now many major countries are currently discussing releasing laws for cryptocurrency therefore we should anticipate that this market will go mainstream in a massive way. Show More

Sui’s founders are Adeniyi Abiodun (COO), Sam Blackshear (CTO), and George Danezis, in addition to Evan Chang as CEO (CSO). Show More


One of the biggest upsets for the Sui community came very recently when the community found out the blockchain will have no future airdrop. Show More

Sui is ANOTHER layer 1 blockchain this time built entirely from scratch and it operates on a proof of stake consensus. Show More

I'm thrilled to be back guyss 🤘🏾 and ready to provide you with insightful information and friendly analysis. Show More


We launched an NFT project on SUI and we really know the community there. Unfortunately, they have lost big part of their community and the projects that launched there. Show More


As a DPoS layer 1 blockchain that's based on the MOVE language (like Aptos), Sui has a lot to be excited about. Show More

Sui, a cutting-edge Layer 1 blockchain, aspires to redefine the narrative of speed and scalability in the blockchain space. Show More


The Sui blockchain community is an incredibly vibrant and innovative space that has gained significant attention and recognition within the blockchain industry. Show More

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