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I come from a long line of teachers and have worked in academia myself for over twenty years. Show More

As much as I would love to see the education industry get disrupted, I don't know that anything backed by Animoca will go sustain financially. Show More

Education and appetite for knowledge is constantly growing, and Open Campus allows for disrupting and decentralising the education industry, turning education into a "gaming platform" Show More

While I appreciate the concept of decentralizing education and removing government control, I believe that achieving widespread adoption of this approach, especially in countries like the US or UK, may be challenging. Show More


I could not find much information about the team and its members directly behind Open Campus Protocol, there is no specific information on their website or in their whitepaper but after doing some digging it appears the founder of TinyTap, Yogev Shelly is behind this idea. Show More

The biggest problem that I have with this project is that it's backed by a gaming company. Show More


Open Campus’s $EDU token as been on the market for just over a month at the time of writing this review and has shown pretty stable price action ranging between $1.5 – $1.13 which is great to see that a project has finally not just pumped and then dumped initially on the market like the majority of others. Show More


Open Campus (EDU) Token has a total supply of 1 billion tokens which is a substantial amount that can provide flexibility and utility within the Open Campus ecosystem, with the following distribution: Show More


Open Campus has quickly gained a significant following on Twitter, with 137k followers, and over 100k members on Discord in just two months. Show More

No certificates, but NFTs proving your knowledge on a multiverse platform with VR classrooms—how awesome! Show More

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